Ten Tors Training - Dartmoor 3

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From 27th to the 29th April was Ten Tors training 'Dartmoor' three. We arrived at the sports barn after school on Wednesday and unpacked all our kit to go through as if doing scrutineering. After this, we went down to the co-op while the 45ers and 55ers did their scrutineering. When we got back we were given our rout cards and went to plan our route. It was mainly going straight from one tor to another as the weather had been good so we didn't need to go around bogs etc... We then went to bed as soon as we could.

The next morning at 4:00am we were woken up by the lights being turned on. We quickly got dressed and packed up all our kit before grabbing a breakfast of a flapjack, some fruit, some flavored water and a pan au chocolat. We then loaded out kit into the trailer (not a horse box this time). And went into our mini bus to eat the remainder of our breakfast and catch some sleep.

After a brief stop at Exeter services, we went straight to Okehampton army base and unloaded our kit. We then went to the gate where the event would start. Our team where the last to be allowed to leave, we had staggered starts, but were still the first to reach our first tor - Row tor before the two teams that left before us (our other 35 team and the 35 team from Mr Brewer's, sisters school (castle school)), even though I did almost step on a discarded grenade.
We then powered on (seriously with Tom leading us) to Oke tor. When we reached the top we saw our other 35 team crossing the river at the bottom as we left to our next tor but didn't see them reach the top our come down the other side, we were later told that one of them had fallen in the river and they had had to wait 30 mins for him to get changed. We then went on to Sharpitor where we met Mr Brewer's sister and her colleague followed by Watern tor, Quintins man and the Sittaford tor where we met Mr Brewer and Mr Mason. We then went on to a large rive crossing where we met Mr Stewart and his dogs, followed by Higher white tor where we met Mr Brewer's sister again followed by Beardown tors where we met Mr Brewer's sister (the Brewer family say that they have mastered the ability of apparition). We then went down through a farm and along the road from two bridges to Princetown. We then made use of the toilets in the town (but they stunk so much we would almost have been better off waiting till we camped. We then continued along the road until we turned off at Black tor where we were first to arrive for the night. We then set up our tents, collected some water, lit our trangia and cooked our ration meals while the other teams trickled in. We then set up our tents and cooked our dinner on the trangia's. The teachers then came to check on us and when the left we skillfully avoided the pile of skin that Josh had peeled off his feet before going to bed.

The next morning we got up at around 4:00am and quickly took down the tents and cooked our meals on the trangia's before the teachers arrived and after checking we were all good, our team were dismissed first. We then went from Black tor, to South Hessary tor. From there we followed 'the yellow brick motorway' down to higher hartor and then up Eylesbarrow tor where we met Mr Brewer's sister and her colleague again. We then went down into a very steep valley and up the other side to down tor. We then went along to Cramber tor followed by Black tor where we had camped.
Mr Brewer then phoned us and told us that because we were going so quickly, instead of going straight to Leedon tor we went to Sharpitor first. We then went to the road at the bottom of Sharpitor where we met Mr Brewer, Stewart and Mason and they told us we were doing very well. We then continued up to Leedon tor. We were then planning to go straight across to North Hessary tor but Joel Flint and his friend blew their whistle from the bottom of the tor. We presumed they were calling us when actually they were calling the other 35 team who had just reached Leeden tor. We then walked together up to the huge mast on the top of North Hessary tor where we met Mr Brewer, Stewart and Mason again. We then walked down into princetown with Mr Brewer to the mini buses where we sat, ate and drank while we waited for the other teams. While we were we spoke about who wanted to be on the team for the actual event. Cobi said that he didn't want to which left 8 people going for 6 places.

A week later we were told the final 35 teams for the event which consisted of; Me, Tom, Rob, Ollie, Tom and Josh. Adam and Marcus who didn't get in then went with different 45 teams and also took part.

Below is what Mr Stewart wrote for the school about the training and the up coming event:
This  weekend 24 Beechen Cliff  pupils  will take on the
challenge that is Ten Tors. This event requires the teams
of six to navigate across Dartmoor and be self­sufficient
for two days,  whatever the weather.  These pupils  have
been training since January  spending 3 weekends  on
Dartmoor and a long day in the Black Mountains, Wales,
to practice and refine their skills.  Year 10 pupils will be
attempting 35 miles, Year 11 will walk  45 miles  and 6
Year 12 pupils  will attempt  the 55 mile event. They  will
gather along with 2400 other youngsters on Okehampton
Camp this  Friday.  The place becomes  a tent city  as
organisations set  up their base camps.  The buzz  starts
and the atmosphere will build along with the anticipation.
Teams  undergo kit  checks,  route planning and briefings
before the adventure begins.
The teams will start at 7:00am Saturday and aim to finish
before 5:00pm Sunday  afternoon.  If successful  then
bronze,  silver and gold medals  will be allocated
accordingly. If they  finish outside 5:00pm then to quote
Ann Robinson they  will ‘leave with nothing’.  The stakes
are high.
Ten Tors  is  one of  the most  challenging events
youngsters  at  this  age can attempt, both mentally  and
physically.  It  is  held  in high regard by  employers  and
Universities  alike and Beechen Cliff has  a proud record
with the event.  Every  year the finish is  well attended by
parents  and spectators  as  well  as  making local  and
national news.
You can follow  the progress  of our teams  by  visiting the Ten Tors  website at
http://events.exeter.ac.uk/tentors/ and following the links. We wish all our teams  well and hope to report
success next week. Regardless the experience will be unforgettable!!
Mr Brewer, Mr Stewart, Mr Edy, Mrs Denning, Mr Mason."

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