Work Experience at Enlightened Lighting

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From the 3rd to the 8th of April was work experience week at Beechen Cliff. I went to work at Enlightened Lighting Ltd which hire out lighting, sound systems, cables etc... for large shows, concerts, productions etc...

On Monday, I arrived and Andrew, my boss, quickly showed me around. I then went out in the van with Geri in the van to pick up a load of kit from Bristol temple meads  because the lorry that was meant to be taking in had broken down. I then went out in the van to collect some lights from the pavilion. I then tested cables for the afternoon.

Josh (the warehouse manager gave me a more in depth tour of the warehouse. I then prepared some orders with him. I then tested cables for the afternoon again

Went out in the van with Geri to cirencester. Then I cleaned and tested fresnel lamps.

Drove with Geri to Weston-super mare to pick up some lights, went to St Brendan's college, went to bath spa uni and cleaned more fresnel lamps.

Went to a school in van with Geri which was quite along way away, went to bath uni, went to deliver and set-up a private disco before saying goodbye to everyone, getting my paper work signed and then I got a lift to KES - which is right by my house, as they had broken a light there.

All in all it was an enjoyable week and I learnt a lot, especial in the specific technical terms of the industry

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