Bathampton Scouts Night Hike 2012

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On the night of 12th October, the Scouts took part in the, now annual, sponsored night hike, which once again would be 3 laps of the Bath skyline walk. For the first time, Simon invited another group to take part in the event: 23rd Bath (Avonvale), from across the valley.

For the first time, the Osprey patrol (new scouts that have just joined in September) were allowed to walk by themselves which meant that the Young Leader patrol (Alex, Tom and I) where allowed to go off by ourselves and act as moving marshals.

We started by heading up, passed the back of the HQ and to the left, through Bathampton wood and alongside the university, right round until we reached the playing fields for Prior Park. We stayed there for sometime and then went back, staying at some checkpoints for a while. We were then asked to meet the leaders on the Bathampton Downs and headed there. Tom and I were asked to escort one member of one of 23rd patrols back down to the scout HQ, while Alex joined their patrol to try and get them to hurry up. After we had dropped of the patrol member, we stayed at the HQ for a few minutes until the leaders came back and drove us to the university where we got out and walked across to the bottom of the Downs where we met Alex's patrol (the last patrol left) and helped them get back to the HQ.

The event finished at about 3am and we all left the next morning at about 9am.

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