ONS 2012

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On 22nd September, I went with Simon to One Night Stand, an annual Explore Scout event organised by Keynsham Explorer Scouts, at Chelwood Campsite. We left Bath at about 3 and arrived at the campsite roughly half an hour later. After putting our tents up, we had a wonder around and helped with the finishing touches of the site.
A little later, as people began to arrive, we had a picnic with the leaders from Solar ESU, one of whom, Kathryn, was one of my WSJ leaders.
After a while, I met up with my friend Gary from WSJ, and spent most of the event speaking to him and some of the other people from his explorer unit. There were many activities including climbing, inflatables, a campfire, a disco and a cinema and we did most of them. Despite the fact that it was REALLY cold, I found it really enjoyable and arrived back home at about 10am the next day.

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