Ten Tors Training in The Black Mountains

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On the 13th March, everyone doing ten tors met at school at 7:00am, ready to go down to abergavenny and the black mountains. The drive wasn't too bad and after dropping the 45 & 55mile teams at a car park, we (35miles) were dropped at the bottem on the Black mountain with Max (one of Mr Stewart's two dogs)
Max, Mr Stewart's Dog
Climbing the Black Mountain
The two teams decided to go as one as there was no real point in splitting up, so with me taking Max, we went up. It took us about 30mins - 1hr to get to the top and on the way we encountered wild horses. When we reached the top, we met Mr Brewer (& his dad), who told us that we should split up, our team went off first towards table top mountain (which was actually down hill because it was a smaller mountain than Black mountain  .
Once we reached table top mountain, us, the other 35 team, the 45 team and Mr Stewart who were all going the same way walked together. We went down the side of table top, then through a farm, along a lane, through another farm where we realised that the farmer had fenced off the way out with barbed wire - so that meant over the barbed wire fence - yes the two dog as well!

We than ran down to the end of the field - literately as Max was pulling me over. When we reached the bottom of the field there was a road, so we stopped to orientate ourselves so that we knew which way to go, the 45's worked it out first and headed off but the rest of us wanted to check first. The 45's then returned saying that they were wrong and it was the other way but we worked out that they were right the first time after they had already gone off in the wrong direction. The rest of us went the right direction until we reached a  pub where we found the other teachers.

The view from the viewpoint
Mr Brewer told us that we had to go off on our own again so my team headed off first along the road with me navigating. We turned up another road and along a footpath which, after going two farms, ended up at a view point from which you could see all the way back to Bath, Mr Brewer was there and told us that when we reached the end point - the hospital, to be careful not to sit on any hypodermic needles. We walked quickly down the road and eventually reached a housing estate which we went through until we reached the hospitals and the mini buses.

 The 55 team were already there, the other 35 team arrived about 15 minutes later and the 45 team arrived about 30 minutes after them. We then took the mini buses back to Bath
Mere - Mr Stewart's other dog sat on Tom for the journey home

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